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Like music, art is a universal language. In The Annotated Mona Lisa 25, years of art history have been condensed into pages in order to quickly provide some of the necessary skills and knowledge. The Annotated Mona Lisa also presents this essential information as simply as possible, with a minimum of technical jargon but with a wealth of anecdote and biographical asides to lend a human dimension to the world of art. Timelines, summaries, and comparison charts appear throughout the book to help the reader absorb and retain important points.

A comparison of the art pieces white squad v by leon golub and peace helicopter and hanging christ b

Mumford organized gram for terminally ill patients. She cared for the hospice'sfirst patient. The medical director of the hospice has said that Mumford wanted to learn more about the non-medical "embodies the true spirit of a physician" and problems of patients.

They visited a public aid that she "provides expert medical care and is office, a social securityoffice, an unemployextremely conscientiousand devoted to her ment office, nursing homes and a public patients.

The patientexpects the doctor the social aspectsof patients' lives," Mumford always to be doing that.

A comparison of the art pieces white squad v by leon golub and peace helicopter and hanging christ b

I have found that these as"A physician needs a liberal and humane pects significantly affect patients. Many paoutlook on the problems of the times, and the tients consult with physicians about noncourage and ability to try to do something specific complaints that really may be the about those problems.

Increasingour "I guess my hope is that my patientsview awareness of what patientsare facing outside me in the same ilk as the good old country the hospitalhelps physicians understand their doc at the turn of the century. And I hope patients and allows them to provide better that my attitude contributesto the education care.

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I think it's very lives has made her less adverse to the notion possible to do both the technical and human of house calls. There are instances,she says, sides of this profession — and I think that's where it is far simpler for her to swing by a what most physicians try to do.

She then huge city in order to get to the Medical pursued subspecialtytrainingin infectious Center's clinic. In addition to teaching and heading clinical work, she has begun a research program in infectious disease, joining the cadre of disease detectives who hunt hidden killers.

Mumford specializes in infections which strike the highly susceptiblerenal transplantpatients. Infectious outbreaks such as Legionnaires' Disease, herpes and the frighteningkiller Acquired Immune Deficiency.

At the same time, new diseases are sure to become visible, she adds. The diseases just keep changing as the organisms change. For a person like me, it's fine — but it could easily be awful for others. I have to admit that most of the time I drive home exhausted.

During that time, Renae went to the beach, the tiny island's main tourist attraction and one of the most pleasant aspectsof studying at the medical school establishedthere in Renae says in his mind there is no question that President Reagan's actionsin Grenada were justified and he has nothing but praise for the Rangers who effected the evacuation.

Medical school personnel thoroughly informed applicantsabout the anti-American sentiments of the island's prime minister, Maurice Bishop, prior to admittance, Renae notes.

He intends to return to Grenada if the to medical schools in the U. Similarly,he has no doubts about the qualRenae's mother, not a news-follower by ity of education he is receivingat St.

All the professorsare Englishurge U. In addition, there are visiting proAfter a siege of interviews resulting in an appearance on ABC's "Good Morning, Amer- fessors from all over the States. It's a unique program. Other highlightsof the season included a runnerupfinish at the Hope Invitational on Sept.

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CoacH Tanya Shire'ssquad wound up overall, a game ahead of 'sand an place in the by Dick Hoekstra Once again this year, Hope College has taken the lead in the MIAA all-sports trophy race and the fall sports have set the tempo. Paced by championshipsin soccer and men's cross country, Hope leads second place Alma by 12 points.

Seeking its fifth straight all-sports championship, Hope has accumulated 66 all-sports points, Alma 54, Calvin 51, Albion 43, Adrian 31, Kalamazoo 28 and Olivet If Hope can retain its lead through the winter and spring sports, Hope will tie with Albion and Kalamazoo for most all-sports trophies won at It would also tie Hope with Kalamazoo for most years in a row claiming the award at five.

Kalamazoo put together its string at five straight from through At the end of the year each school will count their best performancein eight men's sports and six women's sports. Points are awarded as follows: In case of tie in the standings the points are divided.

Other Hope finishes tabulated in the scoring were field hockey, second; football, tied for second; women's cross country, tied for second; volleyball, third; and golf, fourth.

Senior -Linda Percy of St. Steve Zeldenrust of Munster, Ind.Right after YouTube's interview with President Obama wrapped, CBS News chief White House correspondent Chip Reid spoke with moderator Steve Grove, head of news and politics at YouTube, in the White House briefing room.

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Theory v. Practice A Comparison of Marx and Lenin Henning Julie L. W.C. A Catholic "Feminism" in Service of Christ and Humanity The Effect of Number of Pieces of Food on Perceptions of Quantity and Food Intake A Study of Gender in the Prehistoric Hopewell Society of Ohio.

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