A history of car racing

Auto racing has been a popular sport worldwide for many years. Over the next hundred years, auto racing began to spread to all parts of the United States. And this racing began to take shape in various forms, from racing on dirt country roads to paved race tracks racing has enjoyed a boost in popularity. Auto Racing History — information on the origins of some of the most high profile racing series and races around the world.

A history of car racing

From those humble beginnings to modern times, when a modern Top Fueler can go feet in a tick over three seconds at speeds topping mph, we present a brief history of drag racing, hitting important milestones along the never-ending quest for the perfect pass.

You will see his name again in this story. The dry lakebeds of Southern California were wide-open and available to hot rodders to drive as fast as they dared. Parks starts the Road Runners Club in World War II gives a generation of American boys engineering know-how, thanks to the aircraft industry requiring ever-better planes for the war effort, and others a taste for speed and derring-do for the same reason.

Restless young adrenaline junkies turn to hopping up cars; speed contests and bad behavior spill onto the streets of America, giving the boys and their fenders jalopies something of a reputation. Where speed and testosterone is involved, competition will naturally ensue, and with the dry lakes far from civilization, thrifty tinkerers kept their exploits closer to home.

Games included Chicken, where two opposing cars would accelerate toward each other to see who would spook first; Crinkle-fender, where moving cars would hit each other without wrecking; and Pedestrian Poker, where a driver tried to brush but not actually hit pedestrians.

The public was getting fed up. Wally Parks again helped create the group.

A history of car racing

The only paved section in smaller towns was on the main drag. Racers may have goaded each other to drag their car out of the shop so they could race. Which of these is correct? Maybe none, maybe all. Goleta, California saw a match race that some refer to as the first official drag race; another is run at Mile Square airfield in Garden Grove.

This is the first instance of timed speed runs; the stopwatch puts a premium on acceleration as well as top speed. Pappy used an auxiliary runway at Orange County Airport; it was both closer and cleaner than the dry lakes. It was here that several drag-racing fundamentals were established.

A computerized clock measured top speed at the end of the quarter-mile high-tech stuff for the s and determined a winner. Early Santa Ana drags source: Whatever the case, the quarter-mile soon became the default race-distance measurement.

Its first sanctioned race, at Pomona, is held April The first purpose-built, front-engine dragster rail job, digger, slingshot… was built by Mickey Thompson. The driver sat on or behind the rear wheels, with the engine far back in the frame.

A history of car racing

Slingshots were the gold standard of speed until the early s. The event was washed out after the third day by the worst storms seen in the area in decades; the finals concluded in Phoenix two months later. In the end, Calvin Rice won Top Eliminator, with a Also, NHRA established its Stock Eliminator class—one of many attempts to get back to grassroots racing, using cars that looked like the ones that you could buy in showrooms.

Nitromethane, used as a fuel in top classes, was notorious: The competing AHRA welcomed the nitro-huffing rail jobs with open arms. Historic Santa Ana closes, its runway annexed by the airport for expansion.

Racer Eddie Hill introduced bicycle tires to the front of his rail job. Parachutes are first used for braking, and are soon mandatory for any car topping mph. NHRA expands to accept cars with automatic transmissions. Experimental racers with multiple engines become all the rage, as NHRA racers search new paths to speed and spectacle since nitro went away.

Detroit is quietly building stock-appearing cars, unadvertised in any Pontiac literature and not meant for public consumption, that were designed to be flogged on the quarter-mile. Witness the Super Duty Pontiac Catalina: The birth of the Factory Experimental class, which sees stock sheetmetal with powertrains unavailable in these bodies.

NHRA bites the bullet and lets the nitro-powered Top Fuel class back into the fold; they instantly ascend to the top of the high-performance food chain. The Christmas Tree, a row of countdown lights at the starting line, finally replaces the flagman.

In August, Don Garlits may or may not be the first man to hit mph in a race car. In the stock classes, after years of Detroit perpetually under-rating their engines to gain advantage on the track and with insurance companies, no doubt the NHRA develops their own horsepower figures. Engineers tweaked suspensions to solve the problem:Oct 01,  · Auto racing is by far one of the most exhilarating sports in the world.

While most other sports demonstrate the abilities of the human body pushed its limit, auto racing represents a combination of state-of-the-art engineering merged with the drivers’ unique skills and unparalleled rutadeltambor.coms: 3.

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Auto racing (also known as car racing, motor racing, or automobile racing) is a motorsport involving the racing of automobiles for competition.

Almost as soon as automobiles had been invented, races of various sorts were organised, . Auto Racing History – information on the origins of some of the most high profile racing series and races around the world. Auto Racing History Resources – resourceful site providing links to various auto racing history sites.

First Automobile Race – account of what could . Automobile racing: Automobile racing, professional and amateur automobile sport practiced throughout the world in a variety of forms on roads, tracks, or closed circuits.

It includes Grand Prix racing, speedway racing, stock-car racing, sports-car racing, drag racing, midget-car racing. Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Modified Stock Car Racing of the '60s and '70s: An Illustrated History Featuring the .

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