An analysis of the marketability of the mba program at southern arkansas university

Prerequisites Business Foundation Courses The business foundation courses are required for students who wish to enter a business graduate program.

An analysis of the marketability of the mba program at southern arkansas university

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Icon Dollar Sign Icon Dollar Sign The University of Florida has offered online education sinceand the school has perfected its distance programs to provide students with a varied selection of options, including an online MBA degree available in three distinct formats: Each program track stresses advanced and fundamental business skills that allow students to progress within their current career or on a new professional path.

Students typically spend about 15 hours each week on coursework.

An analysis of the marketability of the mba program at southern arkansas university

The degree itself takes about 24 months complete and requires no campus visits. The online curriculum follows the same schedule as the UF campus calendar, but courses use a convenient five-week block format that allows students to earn credits quickly and lighten their course load as needed.

The one-year hybrid MBA is an accelerated program that is 16 months long. This degree is designed for students with an academic business background who have earned their undergraduate degree within the past seven years.

An analysis of the marketability of the mba program at southern arkansas university

The program curriculum forgoes basic business topics, such as marketing, management, and economics, allowing students to earn the degree quickly. Requiring 36 total credits, the one-year hybrid program includes primarily online coursework along with required weekend residencies held every four months.

These weekend sessions are typically held at the end of academic semesters, allowing online learners to meet with peers and faculty, take final exams, and reflect on past work.

The hybrid two-year degree is available to students who lack an academic business background or have been in the workforce for seven or more years. Requiring 48 total credits, this format also includes weekend residencies and allows degree candidates to choose from four focus areas: Students complete comparable coursework and graduate with the same degree as our other programs.

UF MBA provides great flexibility and a suite of formats designed with students in mind. For students looking for classroom experience and personal networking opportunities within the cohort, there is a program with a mandatory trip to Gainesville once per term.

Additionally, building on the success of the online program, UF MBA is now offering a fully online MBA program that does not require a single campus visit for students who want the value of a rigorous, high quality academic experience without any of the travel or fixed time commitments.Online MBA in Arkansas.

The online MBA programs in Arkansas attract local, out-of-state, and international students often due to the high number of retail offices located in a concentrated area.

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Online MBA Program Concentrations and Specialization Options. Southern Arkansas University – David F. Rankin College of Business. The David F. Walton MBA. Embracing the frontiers of meta-commerce, the month Full-Time MBA program is perfect for students eager to gain advanced business and decision-making skills that span various business units.

The credit Master of Business Administration in Quantitative Analysis from Southern New Hampshire University prepares you to be a leader in business, employing quantitive skills such as mathematics, probability, statistics and compute.

Liberty University’s Master of Business Administration in Public Administration program will advance your proficiency in business skills relevant to leadership positions in the field of public administration, such as strategic leadership, management, administration, and financial skills.

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The online graduate programs at University of Louisville can empower you to gain superior skills in your field or expand your knowledge across new areas and set yourself apart in your profession.

An online master's degree can help you increase your marketability and earnings, adapt to the new work environments or become the driver of change in. Master of Business Business Administration. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program provides a graduate business program for students wishing to further their education in business beyond the undergraduate level.

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