An analysis of the plausibility in the movie the time machine by george pal

Wells classic, Rod Taylor stars as George, a young scientist fascinated with the concept of time travel. On December 31,George seats himself in his jerry-built time machine and thrusts himself forward into A dyed-in-the-wool pacifist, George is distressed to see that World War I is raging all about him.

An analysis of the plausibility in the movie the time machine by george pal

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Two Readings of Back to the Future David Wittenberg bio You needn't dig for philosophical nuggets in either of the flick's time frames; simply sit back and let these zanies zap you happy with their frantic antics.

Robert Zemeckis, the film's director and co-writer, says he "wanted to write a time-travel story where you didn't have to know anything about history to enjoy it.

Thus, although Back to the Future is regularly mentioned by theorists as an epitome of s American culture, and of the retrograde outlook of the Reagan era,4 such references are rarely supplemented by more than brief exegetical attention to the film itself, and, as often as not, are accompanied by an understandable lament that such "banal and clumsily made" works have so fully absorbed the attention of popular audiences.

An analysis of the plausibility in the movie the time machine by george pal

Indeed, like many targets of popular culture criticism, the film tends to be interpreted as a sign of something quite a bit more complex than itself: Sobchack goes as far as to describe Back to the Future as a kind of incipient therapeutic dialogue, productively moving "toward a form of ideological hysteria—the 'political unconscious' of American bourgeois patriarchy teetering on the brink of babbling itself to consciousness and, perhaps, a cure.

In other words, how does the theorist reconcile the seemingly extreme ideological straightforwardness of the text with the complexity of the representational processes through which texts like this one are seen to embody their historical moments?

One may conjecture that the discrepancy between straightforwardness and complexity here is less a manifestation of the film's own ambivalence, than of the gap between popular viewing and academic critical interpretation themselves, that is to say, between what a mainstream audience sees at the film's putative surface, and what the academic theorist discovers within its symptomatic depth.

If, after thoughtful observations such as Sobchack's, there remain any psychological or ideological contents still to be revealed in Back to the Future, I would like to reveal them not simply in light of the film's own dubious philosophical commitments, but rather alongside the very mode of straightforwardness with which the film presents those same contents, a banality that in itself is a much greater [End Page 52] source of difficulty for cultural theory than any specific psycho-social or socio-political representation.

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Sunn Classic Pictures produced a television film version of The Time Machine as a part of their "Classics Illustrated" series in Time Machine II by George Pal and Joe Morhaim, published in The Time Traveller.

Film Scoring Techniques in Films that. Alter Space, Time and Death. Directed by George Pal. his work on The Time Machine proved to be a significant contribution to the world of film music will be noted because of the stature of the film The Time Machine has become.

Following the film's extended staging of Marty's family, and of his unsurprising dissatisfaction with them, Marty joins Doc Brown in the parking lot of the local Mall, where Doc is conducting an experiment with a time machine built into the chassis of a DeLorean automobile.

Cult Movie Review: Independence Day () "In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest aerial battle in the history of mankind.

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Read movie and film review for The Time Machine () - George Pal on AllMovie - The famous H.G. Wells novel about time travel 8/ Things have the power to choreograph us, set us in motion (or into stasis).

The invention of pavement, for example, had introduced the pedestrian traffic, shoes prolonged the step, while buildings had given possibility to the emergence of parkour or buildering.

An analysis of the plausibility in the movie the time machine by george pal
Examining Film Scoring Techniques in Films that Alter Space, Time and Death