Analysis of printed advertisement

Analysis of Print Advertisements Background:

Analysis of printed advertisement

Here we take a look at the best of Drunk superheroes Even the most confident of characters can fall victim to drunk-driving Drunk-driving is an ongoing issue across the world and these print ads served a poignant reminder of its repercussions.

Analysis of printed advertisement

A stark reminder that drunk-driving can cause devastation to even the most confident of characters. Altering an iconic photo into something entirely different captured the tag line "The Best Finish You Can Imagine" in an entirely unexpected fashion.

Clinica Mosquera A print ad with a great sense of humour Although this print advertisement may have been a bit too tasteless for some, we love how Ecuador advertising agency BBA applied playful imagery to a sore subject a specialist treatment for hemorrhoids.

The 3D rendering was brilliant, with everything from the colour to the shading popping out of the page. Proximity Madrid Drawing attention to gender inequality "This campaign was designed to inform rather than to judge," explain advertising agency Proximity.

This tongue-in-cheek campaign for furniture retailer Ikea by BBH Singapore took a simple but brilliant idea and used it to raise a smile from people on both sides of the divide.

The slightly ruder part of the campaign can be seen here.


Few print campaigns give much thought to the print products the ads will actually appear in. How to best convey that the GE Cafe Refrigerator can serve hot water as well as cold? With a fire-breathing penguin of course!

Analysis of printed advertisement

Need we say more?Analysis of Printed Advertisement In the printed advertisement by Maybelline New York, the makeup product advertised is targeted towards advertised product, known as “The Eraser”, is to ensconce facial blemishes and wrinkles. Throughout the ad, one can find many target words and images that grasp the reader’s attention.

Advertisement analysis is a common assignment students are required to undertake. Writing an analysis on an advertisement is more about writing a review of the advertisement using a specific format.

How To Analyze a Print Advertisement

Writing an analysis on an advertisement is more about writing a review of the advertisement using a specific format. Mar 22,  · The advertisement I have chosen has a sub-genre of Dolce & Gabbana publications, of which was founded in Of a fragrance advertisement such as this advertisement for the fragrance the one we expect an air of glamour, beauty and attractiveness to be portrayed.

The Armani exchange print advertisement uses the magazine as the medium to put out their advertising to the public. The magazine that was used is the Teen Vogue; this magazine is the brainchild of a well-known magazine, which is Vogue where it’s famous about high fashion and celebrities.

Writing an analysis of an advertisement is more about writing a review of the advertisement using a specific format.

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There are several strategies to go about this type of assignment. So, below is a step-by-step approach to writing an analysis of an advertisement. 2 pages, printed and double spaced with the advertisement attached About this Assignment Looking at advertisements that permeate our print publications and other media is an excellent way to think about arguments and persuasion in the context of their intended audiences.

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