Case study project charter

Why is the project charter so important and why is that so many times we find that it is so difficult to write a good project charter? How do we create a good project charter? What makes a good Lean Six Sigma project?

Case study project charter

During a conversation with other professionals, a topic came up for discussion: The main conclusion that came out of the discussion was that there was no standard definition of the difference between the project plan and project management plan.

It basically depends on the organization where you work. It may also use both terms as synonymous to each other. Another organization may choose to use both terms differently. For these organizations, the project plan and project management plan are different and used for different purposes.

Project Plan In some organizations, this plan is also referred to as a work plan. The project plan speaks in general, for example: Why is the project undertaken? What value will it add to the organization?

What will the output or deliverables of the project be? Who will be involved in the project?

Project Examples

What is the deadline? What is the scope, budget and schedule? What technology is going to be used to accomplish the task? Project Management Plan The project management plan is a formal approved document that guides you precisely on how you are going to proceed.

How will the project work be carried out?

Case study project charter

How will the scope be managed? How will you monitor and control the various project activities? How will you deliver the product and close the project?

A project management plan is composed of many subsidiary plans, for example, scope management plan, cost management plan, risk management plan, procurement management plan, etc.

The project management plan is a meta-plan of the project plan. Some of them are as follows: The project plan describes the plan broadly with less attention to detail.

Why wait for your next strategic project to fall behind? Let our team of professionals get you on the right track from the start. Intermediaries – case study 19 A person (later arrested for drug trafficking) made a financial investment (life insurance) of USD , by means of an insurance broker. He acted as follows. He contacted an insurance broker and delivered a total amount of USD , in three cash instalments. The insurance broker did not report the [ ]. The first section of a Project Charter will spell out the name of the project, the names of the sponsor and project manager and the date the document was prepared.

It deals with high level planning. On the other hand, the project management plan is described with every possible detail.

Case study project charter

The project plan is a visionary document; it defines the vision. The project management plan is executed to achieve the vision. The project plan gives you the vision to complete the project successfully, while the project management plan defines and develops the system to be used to complete the project successfully.

For larger projects, the project plan and project management plan are different, but for smaller projects, they can be merged. Please note that the PMBOK Guide does not differentiate the project plan and project management plan, and therefore this topic is not very important from a PMP exam point of view.

I have written this blog post because I thought it would be a good read for you, and you should now be able to differentiate these two terms if you ever encounter them. Summary In some organizations, you may see the difference between these terms, and others will use them interchangeably.© Infonomics Pty Ltd Corporate Governance of IT: ISO Case Study 2 September, This set of presentation slides was developed for, and delivered at the itSMF Australia 11th National Conference.

The slides are now available for download by participants in the conference and other. Collaboration and Engagement CHARTER ON PHYSICIAN WELL-BEING. The Charter on Physician Well-Being by Larissa R. Thomas, MD, MPH, Jonathan A. Ripp, MD, MPH, and Colin P. West, MD, PhD, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), includes guiding principles for addressing physician well-being from medical training through physicians’ entire careers.

MPMM TM includes a suite of examples which help you to initiate projects, by defining the business case, undertaking a feasibility study, completing a project charter, recruiting the project team and setting up a Project Office.

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Project Initiation Templates. These Project Initiation Templates provide all of the project initiation documents needed to start up a project by giving you templates to create a business case, perform a feasibility study, define the project scope, recruit staff and create a project office.

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