Christianity islam research paper

July 17, writer Research Papers 0 Islam religion Arabic??????? Followers of Islam are currently living throughout global society, on all continents and in most local communities of the world. People, who practice Islam are called Muslims or Mohammedans.

Christianity islam research paper

The passing of the Patriot Act has law enforcement to profile Muslims as terrorists as well as socially accepting this discrimination. People, naturally hold prejudices against others based on all kinds of things, including religion.

In the Middle East especially, those countries each have their own, individual religions in which they live their daily lives. There is very little religious freedom in the Middle East, making it very difficult to have religious tolerance. Islam as a religion has been regarded with suspicion and received condemning remarks from almost every corner of the world because of the association of terrorism to Islam.

Subsequent terror attacks perpetrated by Muslim jihadists in various parts of the world have also raised suspicion on anyone who professes Islam as a religion. These forms of violence have resulted in worldwide misconception of the beliefs and values of the Islamic religion Curtis, The fact that Islam, just like Christianity and Judaism, is not only founded and practiced in the Middle East, as commonly believed by most Americans.

There are many other parts of the world where the Islamic religion is practiced and these include Africa, Asia, Europe, America and many Arab countries. In such regions and countries, Islamic teachings have helped to shape different cultures while simultaneously being shaped by these cultures.

History: Jewish/ Judaism Christianity And Islam term paper

In several Muslim nations, most notably Saudi Arabia, the militant terrorists have bombed buildings. As the militants get less scrupulous about killing Arab civilians, they are becoming more scrupulous in their outrage against pragmatic rulers who make deals with the west.

Thus, a civil war between pragmatic rulers and militant purists may be in its early stages. Many traditional Muslims are in an agony about whether to support the rulers or the indigenous radicals. There is a Shia-Sunni conflict that has been raging on for generations.

There is a lot of irrationality in the interaction between these two major sects. This is primarily the reason why there is such a lack of unity among Muslims.

A lot of terrorist events have been exchanged between the two groups including assassination of popular figures as well as bombings. The general lack of unity contributes to most unstable Muslim countries. This is not to say that religion is the sole source of the problem. It is, however, to recognize that in far too many places religion is at least part of the problem.

All believers need to recognize how our own traditions have helped fuel conflicts. Each of our traditions has been at one time or another not only a victim but a victimizer.

We then need to work courageously within and between our traditions to build a world in which freedom of religion is not merely an idea but a reality. Consequently, religious tolerance, though it has improved greatly over time, can never fully be reached.

Christianity islam research paper

The 4,year quest of judaism, christianity and islam. Place of publication not identified: University of Peshawar, Basic Beliefs of Christians and Muslims.

Retrieved September 23,from http: On being Muslim, an American, and a nurse. American Journal of Nursing,11— American religion in the new millennium.Christianity and Islam differ in many fonts.

The major difference between the religions is in regards to the nature of God, the Holy Scriptures, founders, and means of salvation.

This paper examines these aspects that are the sources of disparities between the religions. Christianity And Islam: Christianity Vs. Islam - Christianity vs.

Christianity islam research paper

Islam Juan E. Ortega University of Texas at El Paso Christianity vs. Islam Christianity and Islam are the two largest religions in the world comprising more than a half of humanity.

Comparison between Christianity and Islam (Research Paper Sample) Instructions: Christianity and Islam are two religions that grew from the same central idea of .

These mystic doctrines and practices are present in all religions, particularly in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. All three religions have doctrines that. This paper will compare and contrast the attitudes of Christianity and Islam toward merchants and trade from the religions" origins and any change over time until about The basic's of a merchant's life from either Christianity or Islam varies/5(7).

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