Cons of co creation

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Cons of co creation

The Pros and Cons The yin and yang, the brand and the consumer—the relationship between these two contrary yet interdependent forces has shifted dramatically over the last forty years. In the 80s, brands dominated the cultural conversation.

Drinking a certain kind of soda or wearing a certain kind of sneaker was the ultimate social currency. Today, brands struggle to keep up with a cultural conversation that is entirely led by consumers and, thus, they must rely on co-creation to survive.

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Social media stories are currently one of the most popular forms of content creation among consumers and now technology platforms are taking them to the next level, by offering co-creation opportunities for brands. Additionally, Google now allows publishers to create stories and announced the search engine will use artificial intelligence to create story content around celebrities and athletes.

Using the app, brands upload creative briefs for micro-influencers to take and create content with their own personal flare.

Cons of co creation

If co-creation gains popularity, for those willing to take the plunge, there are undeniably rewards to be reaped, but what are the potential drawbacks?

Here are the pros and cons as we see them: Cost saving By sourcing content from consumers, brands can potentially save on campaign and advertising costs normally associated with pushing out new products.

Instead, their fans become the video producers and motion graphic designers, helping streamline the production process.

Plus, with million Instagram Story users daily, there is no shortage of content. Authenticity In short, co-creation means collaboration and equality.

With these interactions, brands strengthen their story and sincerity, connecting with consumers on a deeper emotional level. Brand-consumer relationships People trust people, not brands. Consumers are therefore more likely to trust a brand that showcases people just like them, their friends, or the consumer themselves reviewing or using the products.

You want your customers to be loyal to you, so why not be loyal to your customers and use their reviews to showcase your product?

Brand trust could be massively jeopardized for those who fall on the wrong side of these blurred lines and potentially fail to give proper credit to the original creator. Brand dilution Brands must be cautious of aligning themselves too closely with consumers who have controversial opinions or values.

Transparency With talk of GDPR and data privacy increasingly commonplace in the media, consumers are hyper-aware of how they are being monitored on the internet.

If user story sourcing rolls out, brands must be aware of the regulations and data protection issues they may encounter in different markets. The list of pros and cons of co-creation could continue further, but ultimately, at Engine, we believe the benefits of this partnership outweigh the drawbacks.

By tapping into consumer-created content, brands will have an endless pipeline of photos, short-form and long-form videos to draw from. One thing is for certain: Stay on top of the trends impacting your business.Jan 21,  · Sensible measures, but the active role of the co-creation process itself is overlooked here.

To begin with, a clear briefing and good community management can tackle many of the risks at an early stage. By ensuring all rules of engagement are well understood, expectations will be .

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What is Co-Creation? Description. According to C.K. Prahalad and Venkatram Ramaswamy, deregulation, emerging markets, new forms of regulation, convergence of technologies and industries, and ubiquitous connectivity have changed many facets of the business world. A move towards KZN’s North Coast.

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The #1 question we are asked: what are the benefits of co-creation and what can it do for us? TheCoCreators have identified six benefits of implementing complete co . Exploring Gutenberg. After installing Gutenberg, you will see links under your Posts that allow you to open up the Gutenberg editor.

They don’t replace the default WordPress editor, which is a good thing in our opinion, as during the testing phase it allows you to bounce back and forth.

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