Dbq essay spread of buddhism in china

Tansen Sen China Report http: The accepted views about the route of the initial transmission of Buddhist doctrines, the early method of rendering Buddhist ideas into Chinese and the notion of a decline of Buddhism in China after the eighth century have all come under scrutiny. Using these analyses and arguments, this essay attempts to reassess some of the key issues concerning the spread and successful establishment of Buddhism in China.

Dbq essay spread of buddhism in china

Based on the following documents, analyze the responses to the spread of Buddhism in China. Buddhism, founded in India in the sixth century B. Buddhist influence continued to expand for several centuries. China experienced a period of political instability and disunity. As Buddhism spread from India to China beginning in the first century C.

Still others remained indifferent, wishing to meld the aspects of belief systems in China to create a unique Chinese culture. Documents 2 and 3 defend and support Buddhism in China, while documents 4 and 6 scrutinize it and discourage its spread.

An additional document that shows the actual numbers of converts to Buddhism during this time, preferably in a graph, would be useful in determining whether or not the worries of the authors in documents against Buddhism were grounded. Documents 2 and 3 defend and support the spread of Buddhism in China during first millennium C.

However, the author, Zho Dan, is of the upper class of China and as such, his testimony do not tell how lower classes felt. Yet, in a time when Asian steppe nomads were invading northern China, Zhi Dun could have easily targeted Buddhism as a means of foreign corruption, but he does not.

Document 3 counters the scrutiny of anti-Buddhism with logic. However, since the author is anonymous, his bias in this document is difficult to pinpoint, yet his role as a scholar certainly dictates a slight upper class bias, as in document 2.

Documents 4 and 6 all discourage the spread of Buddhism in first century C. Document 6 presents Buddhism as the cause for numerous problems in Chinese society. Since the author is Emperor Wu himself, it is likely that his opinions carried a lot of weight in his nation, yet many times citizens will adopt prohibited acts merely in an attempt to rebel.

Document 1 is directly from Buddhist tradition, laying down the basic principles to attain a happy and enlightened life.

Chinese Response to the Spread of Buddhism Dbq - Essay

Since the documents is taken straight from sacred texts, it is certain that all other Buddhists shared these same beliefs. Document 5 attempts to create a compromise among the conflicts of belief system in China. The spread of Buddhism in China during the first millennium was met with many different responses.

Conflicts such as this that arose in China due to foreign ideals were the main reason for China isolationist policies later in its history.The Responses to the Spread of Buddhism in China After Buddhism spread to China from India, many people began converting to Buddhism because it gave them a meaning in life during the period of instability and disunity after the collapse of the Han Dynasty as shown in Document 2.

DBQ The spread of Buddhism in China seemed to be positively looked upon, for the most part, by the people of China.

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The spreading of Buddhism was not a short event.4/4(1). Responses to the Spread of Buddhism Dbq This Essay Responses to the Spread of Buddhism Dbq and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on rutadeltambor.com Autor: Animaljade • November 29, • Essay • .

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Dbq essay spread of buddhism in china

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