Fun writing websites for teens

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Fun writing websites for teens

Wattpad is the place for teens to write, read, and chat. At Wattpad you can do a multitude of things, starting with reading.

There are a gazillion books to read over at wattpad! From romance to psychological thrillers you'll be sure to find the book that you'll like or even fall in love with. Post, and customize your stories.

The sky is the limit!

Yes, at wattpad you can write an unlimited amount of stories with a bit of flavor. To spice up your stories you can add pictures, and videos on the side videos must be embed from youtube. Leaving feedback is one of the best things about wattpad.

With a strong vibrant community, most stories at wattpad are bombarded with cool, and fresh feedback that improves the writing quality. Voting is also a great way to motivate your favorite writers at Wattpad!

Wattpad allows its members to follow other users. That way you can stay updated on the latest posts. You can update your status at anytime at Wattpad, the same way you would on facebook. At wattpad you can join clubs according to your favorite genre. Yes, there are even more things that you can do over at wattpad like get featured, enter the wattpad prizes, and even join the wattys!

But, I figured you'd probably want to go check all that out yourself Check Out Wattpad Now: Join the Wattpad community to read, vote and chat with readers and writers for free. Ever felt like having your voice heard or maybe keeping it private?

To keep it simple, at Diary.

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Create notes, and customize them with pictures Follow other members Read your friends public diaries or notes share your own diaries or notes Check out Diary Now: Express yourself in one Diary for life.

Screenshot of Mibba Website Source 3. Mibba directly shifts its focus towards teens, and really emphasizes on creative ability.

Mibba is a great writing and reading site for teens as it allows you to express yourself by: Mibba adds a bit of creativity when letting its users post stories. When creating your story after adding the title, cover image, description, etc.Sep 18,  · I am 16, and I greatly enjoy playing Runescape.

There are over 2 million players and the game is full of interesting people.

fun writing websites for teens

Hardly anyone is rude in this game, and lots of hours of enjoyment can be had as it can get rather difficult to raise levels and customize your Resolved. Teen Ink, a national teen magazine, book series, and website devoted entirely to teenage writing, art, photos and forums.

Students must be age to participate, register and/or submit work. A buzzing message board, with ties to a tween-focused marketing firm.

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Coolest Feature: The White House Wall—Your daughter can postmessages and pictures that . 10 Online Tools for Kids to Improve Writing Skills. by Julie Petersen writing is a fun way for kids to express themselves and build skills at the same time!

poetry, nonfiction, art, and photography. In addition, Teen Ink provides summer programs and camps for teenagers. The essays featured on the website provide inspiration for learners.

fun writing websites for teens

10 Cool Websites For Teenagers Who Want to Stand Out. This is a place where teens can share their writing and get critiques from other teen writers. While the site is just a discussion board, the activity rate is high and teens seem to be sharing some pretty neat stuff.

theses websites look and sound really uncool. please find some fun. Teen Ink — Supported by the nonprofit Young Authors Foundation, Teen Ink is the twenty-five-year veteran in the fostering-teen-writers game.

The magazine, book series, and website are devoted entirely to writing, art, and photos by teens.

Writing Apps and Websites