Help writing a eulogy for my mom

My mother was a very sensitive and compassionate person.

Help writing a eulogy for my mom

A eulogy represents a beautiful and timeless way to usher your mother into rest and peace. It can be difficult, however, to choose the right words and deliver them confidently. Deliver the perfect eulogy Learn more We understand that there is no right answer when it comes to writing a well-crafted eulogy.

Every presenter is different, every honoree is different, and the circumstances surrounding the two will vary. The best practices we present here are only guidelines, a roadmap to moving through the stress, grief, and anxiety you are feeling in order to compose and present the eulogy your mother deserves.

As you prepare, create, and plan to deliver your eulogy, we are available to assist, support, or answer any question you may have. Although their content differs considerably depending on the eulogist and the deceased, several characteristics of a eulogy remain the same.

In a eulogy, the presenter you addresses a group of people — from close family to mutual acquaintances — about a topic you all share in common. The language should not be overly complex or academic.


The impact that the individual had on society should be expressed with gratitude and honor in the context of a eulogy. Most people would experience great difficulty giving a heartfelt eulogy for someone they had never met. Eulogies are meant to include personal perspectives, anecdotes, and memories; therefore, a eulogy given by a distant acquaintance or stranger would fail to capture and convey the spirit and impact of the deceased.

A eulogy is not: Obituaries are written to announce the passing of an individual. Concise by design, they only include pertinent biographical details and enough context to properly identify the person to newspaper readers.

A eulogy written this way would lack the intimacy or emotion expected of a memorial service or funeral. Elegies are poems or songs performed or shared in relation to the deceased. An elegy is a beautiful way to pay homage to a loved one, but it is typically not what attendees at a funeral hope to hear.

Distinguishing between these formats may cause stress for eulogists as they plan their speeches. However, our step-by-step process will assist you through the preparation, composition, review, and delivery of a unique eulogy to honor your mother.

First, Seek Inspiration Before you begin writing about your mother, first consider the countless ways she was influential and important. The assumption is that as her child, you are uniquely equipped to recall and record everything there is to know about your mother, and therefore, it should not require brainstorming or advanced planning.

My Mother's Eulogy

This is a misconception. Truthfully, every individual presents multiple facets and remarkable qualities, and your mother is no exception.

To help do justice to all of her complexities and accomplishments, we recommend gathering your thoughts, ideas, and inspirations before beginning to outline and write your eulogy. Photos, letters, memorabilia, personal belongings, reflection, and conversations with others can all facilitate this process.

As you may anticipate, this phase of the eulogizing process can be stressful and highly fraught with emotion. For others, the severity of the loss makes identifying happy memories quite difficult. For effective brainstorming during this emotional stage, we have listed a few topics for consideration and discussion, including: What are the sounds, smells and feelings that will forever remind you or someone else of your mother?

How do you believe or hope your mother will be remembered? What would she have been most proud to have left behind?A year later my father in law passed away, also of lung cancer, and my wife and her brother felt it would be difficult to give the eulogy, so they provided memories for use in writing his eulogy to share at his memorial service.

You are here: HOME › How to write a eulogy. Do you have a eulogy to write? Writing a eulogy is a gift.

help writing a eulogy for my mom

People are always searching for eulogy examples to help them begin their own writing process. If you could share, it would be deeply appreciated.

The sample eulogy will show you how a eulogy is written and will provide you with additional help writing your eulogy for your mother. Sample Eulogy For A Mother I am happy to see so many people here today to pay their respects to my mother, Jane.

Celebrating Your Mother’s Life Through Eulogy Your mother was a one-of-a-kind individual and deserves to be honored and celebrated in a way that only her child could convey. A eulogy represents a beautiful and timeless way to usher your mother into rest and peace. Choose the Overall Message.

When you write and give a eulogy, you want the audience to take home an overall message that embodies your mom. Amidst the stories and memories, you want them to see what she meant to you and others closest to her. Mom is survived by the four of us and her 5 grandchildren, as well as other relatives and friends.

This family, and her role as mother and grandmother, was the most important thing to Mom. This is where she drew her strength and left her legacy.

How to Write a Eulogy For Mother: 13 Steps (with Pictures)