Ielts cue card topic with answers

I went to an enjoyable trip last month. I went to Dubai.

Ielts cue card topic with answers

What is your full name? Can I see your identification, please? Yes, sure, here you are. Do you live in a house or flat? I live in a flat, or an apartment as they call it here. Do you like it?

What is your full name?

What can you see through the windows? First thing in the morning the park is really quiet, so it looks beautiful, and then throughout the day you can see all the people, and a lot of children walking through it or playing.

In the evenings, they sometimes have events in the park like music concerts, so it can be quite interesting to watch. The view from it is somewhat less interesting; it looks out over a parking lot which is at the back of a large big-box store. Do you like chocolates? It depends on the type.

Ielts cue card topic with answers

Is chocolate a good gift? If the person you are giving them to likes chocolate, then yes. Some people can be very fussy. Why do you think people like chocolate? Well, some people call it a comfort food because it makes you feel happy, you know it release endorphins in your brain, which scientists have proven make you feel happier.

It also tastes fantastic, and usually there are lots of different varieties, so it can be fun to try different types. Have you ever given chocolates to someone? Yes, lots of times.

Do you enjoy holidays?

Absolutely, holidays are great! How long is the perfect holiday? But two or three weeks is sufficient to wind down and really enjoy yourself without worrying about having to go back to work or studying in a couple of days.

Having more time allows you to plan more activities, see more things, without being exhausted from trying to fit lots of activities into a short period of time. What makes a holiday perfect? But I guess, personally, it would be a holiday in a location which is interesting, has good weather, and with someone I love spending time with, and we would do some interesting activities and also have enough time to just chill and relax as well, and stay at a great hotel, and not have any problems with flights being delayed or anything like that — that would be perfect.IELTS Speaking Topics & Questions: Part 2.

Below are IELTS speaking topics taken from part 2 of the test. In this part of the test you are given one cue card (you cannot choose or change the topic) and you have to speak about the topic on the card, using the prompts to guide you, for two minutes.

21 rows · In the IELTS Speaking test, You will be given exactly 1 minute to prepare yourself to talk about a particular topic and this topic is called IELTS Cue card or Candidate Task Card. The instructions to guide your talk are written on a card given to you by the examiner.

Ielts cue card topic with answers

Oct 18,  · is a useful blog dedicated to bringing global IELTS learning community together. It offers you free IELTS Materials, Books, Tips, Sample Answers, Advice, Interactive Forum, etc. This lesson looks at how you can describe an adventurous person in part 2 IELTS speaking.

Describing a person is perhaps one of the harder tasks in part 2 as . The following questions were asked in an IELTS speaking test held in India in February.

Sample answers are also given. Examiner: Where are you from? This lesson looks at how you can describe an adventurous person in part 2 IELTS speaking. Describing a person is perhaps one of the harder tasks in part 2 as .

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