Jim crow research essay

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Jim crow research essay

The Jim Crow laws were in favor of white people more than black in state and local laws in the United States enacted between and This in turn caused more harm than good because black people had so many restrictions on what the can do while living in the US.

The Jim Crow laws were based on segregation of public schools, public places, and public transportation, and the segregation of restrooms, restaurants, and drinking fountains for whites and blacks.

The Jim Crow laws caused white to feel superior to black while black thought they were inferior. The laws were put in place to restrict African Americans from having any part in what goes on in the government.

This meant that when it came time to vote for a governor white people had all the power. Black people were restricted in terms of education, most black children formally girls worked in private homes for white families during their preteen years.

This in turn caused a lot of young children to be stuck in the mentality of only working only to live instead of working for a better education. As the years went by more and more black children worked in fields and factors while attending school during the week days which caused a lot of unwanted stress.

Most young black women had deal with segregation in basically everywhere they went. As most black people faced but black women faced even more pain. For majority of their lives they were either sexually abused by their masters or over worked by the slave owners.

Often, times black women had no say so in anything that happened to them right or wrong they were responsible. They could not go to the police or they would be considered dirty and sent away for their actions.

These laws had a lot of impact on people sociologically because the government would not believe them no matter what the case was. They saw all black people as inferior during this time and would stay the same as time went on.

Jim crow research essay

Black people where, restricted to only using what was available to them and nothing else. Under the Jim Crow laws most white people thought at the time that they would eventually get attacked from within or even without. Which was a huge problem to them, they wanted to keep control of blacks because they saw them as a threat that could possibly surpass them.

Leader such as Booker T. Washington worked extremely hard to persuade his followers to stay encouraged and not let what white people affect them. He did this mainly for the fact that he was able to get an education and make something of himself so he wanted to do the same for his followers.

This was an example of how the government showed no form of respect to any black person no matter their gender, classification etc. The government at the time was deadest on withholding black people from gaining an education for the fact that they were scared that black people would be able to be better doctors, nurses, bank owner, store owners etc.

As sad as it may seem white people saw black people as nothing more than an inferior race that was not worthy of sharing the same country as them. Jim Crow at the time represented the legitimization of anti-Black racism in the U.

Not only did the Jim Crow laws cause white people to believe that they were superior while black people and any other race that was not white were considered inferior. At the time white Pro-segregation politicians gave speeches on the how integration would cause more harm than good.

For example they would refer to black people as niggers, coons, and darkies. What makes matters worse they would go as low to refer to black people on board games as the inferior piece. The down side to this was it had little if any way of providing charitable aid to promote dependency.

In a way it helped black people finally be able to be a part of the white man society. The Freeman Bureau was a form aid to black people from the overbearing law known as the Jim Crow. Most people suffered because of it while others died trying to make a change.

The Jim Crow laws were seen as a form of mental manipulation in the eyes of white people that followed the law. The main goal of this law was to withhold black people from ever reaching their true potential. The Jim Crow laws were for anti-Black laws and handed white people unreasonable rights over black people.

For example if a white man was to rape a black women which often happen during this time the black women had no way of standing up for herself often times she just had to take the consequences head on.

This in turn caused sociological problem to happen, to women who dealt with the same problem. In conclusion the Jim Crow laws was seen a way of life to white people.

It was made to keep black people in control even if it meant killing them for absolutely no reason. To conclude this research the Jim Crow laws were based on segregation of public schools, public places, and public transportation, and the segregation of restrooms, restaurants, and drinking fountains for whites and blacks.

Black Civil Rights in America.

Jim crow research essay

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