Michael palmer essays

The art of the bayan and the accordion by Arkadi Basurmanov Kifara, Moscow, is an encyclopedic work about the accordion in Russia, with extensive biographies and discographies.

Michael palmer essays

This piece is about 7 printed pages long. The Internet address of this page is http: He has worked with the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company for over thirty years and has collaborated with many visual artists and composers. His selected essays and talks Active Boundaries, was published in He has taught at various universities in the United States and Europe, and his writings have been translated into more than 25 languages.

He is one of the most original craftsmen at work in English at the present time.

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Selected Essays and Talks allows the reader to go off the beaten path — regionally, intellectually, and psychologically — with Palmer as an ever-entertaining and stimulating guide.

Still others came about as contributions to books on a given author, while two were written for exhibition catalogues by visual artists. One gets the impression this diversity of style is not simply in response to the subject or to the type of contribution required for a given occasion, but also as a conscious choice of prose style.

It feels like a personal commitment to making the writing as interesting as what is being said.

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The writing and the mind go hand in hand and take the reader down pathways bathed in the light of an attention that shows us the world — the outside world and the world of words — in new ways. I am reminded of a book by a writer Palmer much admires, Robert Creeley.

That focus is so fierce that it forces our awareness away from the narrative, which begins to seem paltry in comparison. Japanese rice crackers wrapped in seaweed, grapes, bananas, dried fruit, single malt scotch, mineral water. How this varies according to location.

However, at a certain point in my reading, I realized I needed to amplify that. This probably stems from a desire in these pieces to be in the service of others.

And so, I turned to de Kooning, who in an interview talked about returning and returning to the first moment of the canvas, and the layering process, the process of accretion and the process of emergence. There is a naturalness to the way one thought triggers an associated thought.

There is real humor too and it concomitant, wit. I lunch at The scene of two actresses confronting their loneliness and then finding consolation in spontaneous sex comes as an unexpected thrill for the writing style as much as the subject matter within a more sober context. Most critics fill their texts with references, calculating that support from already-sanctioned writings will beef up their case.

Reading Palmer, one finds — in place of the deadened, predictable litany of re-hashed scholarship — the continual wonderment of someone who is amazed at how people from very different times and places are working together in poetics-politics.

Palmer finds it exigent to include current political dilemmas of the times in which he writes into discussions of authors who may or may not be from the same times.

By so doing, he contextualizes his own comments, issuing a reminder to the reader that one cannot think or write in a vacuum. The current administration, a dungheap of pious hypocrites and liars, has used the pretext of the war against terror to dismantle the founding principles and values of the Republic and to abrogate international treaties.

It exploits the margins to speak as it will, out of difference, rather than as it is always importuned and rewarded, out of sameness. Cloned as a chance by-product of the Manhattan Project in the early forties? Born in Tierra del Fuego under still mysterious circumstances to the mistress of the British vice-consul?

Dago alto saxophonist from Boston? Novelists are great at this — they all seem to have worked on lobster boats. Now he has arrived I think a long way from the Rhinelander Apartments in Greenwich Villagewith a poetry addressed to occupant to refund the Indians for the Manhattan sell. He was educated at Harvard University and now lives and works in San Francisco.

Michael palmer essays

Questions of what is reality and what is fantasy or imagination take particular significance when the subject is oneself.

For all the enjoyment it provides — its palpable delight in the act of writing communicates its enthusiasm directly to the reader — it also raises thorny questions the reader needs to sort out.

Reading Active Boundaries gives a very tangible sense of what may lie behind some of the shards Palmer polishes into his verse. His most recent book of poems is Alcuni Telefonini, collaboration with Francesco Clemente published in by Granary Books.Codes Appearing: Poems [Michael Palmer] on rutadeltambor.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Codes Appearing combines in a single volume three seminal and long unavailable collections by Michael Palmer. This volume rescues from limbo three of his most beautiful poetry volumes: Notes for Echo Lake.

Michael palmer essays

Dec 03,  · NPR’s Book Concierge Our Guide To ’s Great Reads. by Nicole Cohen, David Eads, Rose Friedman, Becky Lettenberger, Petra Mayer, Beth Novey and Christina Rees – Published December 3, Michael palmer author biography essay.

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Educational essays. Nic Alexandrescu has started writing accordion lessons for beginners Jim Allen's Button Accordion Site has some information about maintaining the accordion, and a large page about playing (diatonic) accordions, in particular one-row and three row (Tex-Mex) accordions.; PAISANO Accordions is Tony Errico's blog (He's the .

Michael Palmer, on the phone from San Francisco, reads a new sequence of poems. Complete reading and discussion (): MP3 Appearing on Cross Cultural Poetics #, "Unboundaries," November 2, .

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