Microstrip antenna research paper

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Abstract Although the microstrip antenna has been extensively studied in the past few decades as one of the standard planar antennas, it still has a huge potential for further developments.

Microstrip antenna research paper

Metamaterials or left-handed materials are man-made structures. They have properties like negative refractive index that is not found in natural materials.

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Metamaterials that is designed by placing electromagnetic resonators like split Metamaterials that is designed by placing electromagnetic resonators like split ring resonators SRRs in a periodic array is among the most popular designs.

Split ring resonators when placed next to antennas as a cover, it will improve the gain of the antenna. Split ring resonator when slotted on patches, it causes a size reduction.

Microstrip patch antennas have become one of the most popular antennas because they have many advantages such as low-profile, light weight, and low cost of fabrication.

Designing of microstrip patches are utilized from fractal geometry. Fractal shapes exhibit antennas more improved in its parameters. In this thesis, six classical and four fractal unit cell metamaterials are designed and their parameters are calculated using retrieval method by HFSSV13 code for electromagnetic structure simulation.

Permittivity, permeability, and negative refractive index are calculated. These shapes show left-handed behavior in their resonance frequencies. The study of effect of metamaterial unit cells on antenna parameters lies in two categories, gain enhancement and size reduction.

Microstrip antenna research paper

Meta-cover of classical and fractal unit cells is placed above Quadruple Koch, Peano, and Snowflake antennas. Good results of gain enhancement and side lobe reduction are obtained. Enhancement of some models of fractal meta-cover equals 5 dB. Split ring resonator and Hilbert ring are slotted on antenna patch and ground plane of the antenna respectively.

Two models are proposed, First iteration of Peano and Snowflake antennas.

A good result of size reduction is obtained. Quadruple Koch and Peano antennas are studied experimentally.

These models are fabricated and measured using vector network analyzer. Good agreement of measured and calculated results is obtained. In the future work more than two layers will be investigated with different angles relative to the antenna plane.In this paper we have analyzed and designed a Circular microstrip antenna in X band.

The desired frequency is chosen to be GHz at which the patch antenna is designed. band width, efficiency, and radiation pattern of patch antenna. In this paper, comprehensive study of effects of Microstrip antenna elements radiate efficiently as devices on His research interests include RF and Microwave Systems, Antenna Design,Analog Circuit Design.

Total publications & presentations on credit are about 5. This paper presents effect of slots on microstrip patch antenna and its parameters. The effect is shown on bandwidth, gain, radiation pattern, return loss, axial ratio and size of an antenna.

The main aim of the paper is to design and simulate an inset fed rectangular microstrip patch antenna and study the effect of antenna dimension Length (L), . Plumber research paper on microstrip antenna. A good gift box idea for plumber in your life can show them that you love them when they are presented with it.

Getting together gifts that you know they will love and that are based on their job will be something you can learn more about below. often cited as the "first microstrip antenna paper," by reflecting upon it in light of the significant advances in microstrip antenna theory and design that have sprung from the pages of the Symposia proceedings since.

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