My country essay in sanskrit language

My English was decent but it was definitely not up to par with that of my peers.

My country essay in sanskrit language

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The name of my country is India. It is a beautiful country in the continent of Asia. There is the great Himalayas in the North of India. In the South there is the Indian ocean. The Bay of Bengal is to the East of our country.

My country essay in sanskrit language

To the west there is the Arabian Sea. Great patriots were born in this landwho fought for their mother land and gave us freedom.

On 15th of August India become independent.

My mother essay in sanskrit language

Our country is ancient land of knowledge and culture. I love my country and I am proud of country. My country Essay for class 2: After adding the above points, following points should be added to make it up to the level of class 2. The name India derived from the world Indus; which is indirectly derived from the Sanskrit word Sindhu.

Bharat is the official name of India. Sometimes it is also designated by Hindustan.

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Hindustan is the Persian word that means land of Hindus India is the 7th largest country by area. It is the second most populated country in the world with 1. It is the most populous democratic country with parliamentary system.

There are 29 states and 7 union territories latest report. Madhya Pradesh is the largest states by area. Goa is the smallest states by area. Hindi is the national language of India. Indian economy is the tenth largest one by GDP. It has the highest mountain peak Everest in the world. India is a penisula surrounded by Arabian sea, Indian ocean and Bay of Bengal.

It is the only country in the world to be named after an ocean; Indian ocean. India has two island Andaman and Nicobar island and Lakshadeep island.

It is one of the fastest growing economy in the world.essay on my school in sanskrit language.

My country essay in sanskrit language

Hindi. essay on my clean school in Sanskrit language. Last Update: Usage Frequency: 1 Reference: Anonymous. English.

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essay5 lines on my essay on my country in sanskrit language. Search Results. What Can We Do As a Country And As Citizen To Reduce Povert And Ensure Basic Amenities For Every Indian Rajgarh Popularly known as the Peach valley, Rajgarh is a lush green valley in Sirmaur district.

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My Country. My Country: The land of Shiva and Krishna, the dream of the Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi, the nursery of temple and mosques is inside my country. She is first and foremost in my thoughts. I love India, my motherland. My little bit of country “My little bit of country” is an essay from written by the American writer Susan Cheever The main character is Susan Cheever herself and the essay deals with her personal experience of the city-life and its contrast; the country -life.

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Our country essay in sanskrit language