President of venezuel essay

Programme Director, Comrades, Brothers and Sisters, The effects of colonialism past and present are visible all over Africa. History is a clock that tells a people their historical time of the day. History is the compass that wise people use to locate themselves on the map of the world.

President of venezuel essay

Venezuela Introduction The population of Venezuela is Only 2 percent of the population is pure-blooded Amerindian. The capital of Caracas, has approximately 3. Venezuela is a federal multiparty republic, with a president who is both chief of state and head of government.

The cabinet, or Council of Ministers, has twenty-six members. There is a bicameral congress, composed of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, and the judiciary is represented by the Supreme Court. Elections are held every five years. The official language is Spanish.

English and a variety of Amerindian dialects are spoken. There is no official religion, but the vast majority of people are Roman Catholic 96 percent. Venezuela Fun Fact In Venezuela, there are two generations with distinct differences doing business.

President of venezuel essay

The older generation will want to get to know you personally first, rather than your company or firm. The younger generation may have been educated in the United States and will typically want to relate more to your business dealings or company, rather than to you personally.

Columbus discovered the area of Venezuela in Geert Hofstede Analysis for Venezuela Click Here for Geert Hofstede country scores The Geert Hofstede analysis for Latin American countries indicate a high level of uncertainty avoidance, large power distance, and low individualism.

This is indicative of a society that has a high concern for rules, regulations, and controls, is slow to accept change, and is risk adverse. There is a high emphasis placed on close ties with individuals, or relationships, whereby everyone takes responsibility for fellow members of their group.

There are significant inequalities of power and wealth within the society. While Venezuela is similar to other Latin American countries when analyzing Hofstede's Dimensions, it does has unique characteristics by possessing extremes in all four Hofstede Dimensions - three on the high end of the scale and one on the low end.

Venezuela's highest ranking Dimension is Power Distance PDI with an 81, compared to an average of 70 for the average of all other Latin countries. This is indicative of a high level of inequality of power and wealth within the society.

Geopolitics: E-IR: A Non-Violent Conflict: The Venezuela-Guyana Dispute

This condition is not necessarily subverted upon the population, but rather accepted by the culture as a whole.Venezuela’s government says a jailed opposition lawmaker killed himself by jumping out of a window, but his party says he was murdered.

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Latin America and Caribbean. As former US president Jimmy Carter embarks on a mission as "neutral observer" of Venezuel's presidential referendum, Counterpunch presents this surprising portrait of the man.

Chomsky, in this essay, relates the US military interventions in Haiti to Haiti's colonial roots and Washington's perception of the. Jul 21,  · A full historical review of the Venezuela-Guyana dispute is beyond the scope of this analysis, but it is necessary to give a basic historical overview to .

The '60s begin with a race for President, and John F. Kennedy wins by promising to keep the U.S. ahead of the Soviet Union in the Space Race and Cold War.

President of venezuel essay

America's new President is young and.

Venezuela - An Introduction