Read write and count to 120 activities

These counting to activities will help your students understand the patterns in numbers and making counting easier. Use a hundreds chart to practice counting to by ones, tens, and fives.

Read write and count to 120 activities

Gather students into a circle and tell them that they are going to play another game. Get the set of index cards you prepared previously. Begin with either the beginning sound pairs or the ending sound pairs. It is important to do one set of cards at a time so that students will not mix up their partners or not end up with a partner.

Choose half of the students and give them each an index card. At the signal, tell students that they must find their partner who has the card with the same sound beginning or ending depending on which set you're using.

Switch off and allow the other half of the students to play. Pass out the first worksheet the one with the picture of a leg to students and ask them to complete it independently.

Have students continue doing the games and activities with increasingly harder words. Dictate a word aloud and have students "air write" or write on paper the letter they hear at the beginner or end of the word. Give students additional practice with beginning-letter sounds by having them play the Picture Match game.

They can also use the game to practice ideintifying short- and long-vowel sounds. To extend these activities and challenge students, use the last worksheet in the lesson pack or have them play the Puzzle Me Words game.

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This game has students listen to a word read aloud and then drag and drop letters to spell it. At the beginner level, students can focus on one short-vowel sound at a time. Students can also be assessed using the worksheet they complete individually to see if they are able to isolate the phonemes.I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

(Get activities for teaching number recognition here.) My Three wanted me to count all the objects past 6, and I did so as he watched along and matched the number. He doesn’t recognize numbers past 10, but he wanted to do every card, so this was a great introduction!

Writing Numbers ; Writing Numbers () Writing Numbers () To demonstrate mastery of spelling out numbers from 0 to 20, students count the number of letters in the picture, then write and spell out the number.

Marta uses frames to count to by tens. Read more. VIDEO. Animated Math Video: Count 4 and 5 Grade K. Veterans Day. 31 Counting Books For Kids Math can go anywhere when you pack one of these counting books along with you. What a great way to work on numbers and reading at the same time.

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read write and count to 120 activities

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