Simple essay water

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Simple essay water

Water Supply and Distribution Timeline In the early s a simple glass of water could quench your thirst—or kill you. The safe drinking water that much of the world takes for granted today did not exist, and deadly waterborne diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever, and dysentery were a constant threat.

Thanks to the efforts of scientists and engineers committed to protecting the public health, tap water in most of the world is safe to drink and waterways are guarded against pollution. The mile, foot-deep, foot-wide drainage canal, built between Chicago and the town of Lockport, Illinois, is designed to bring in water from Lake Michigan to dilute sewage dumped into the river from houses, farms, stockyards, and other industries.

Directed by Rudolph Hering, chief engineer of the Commission on Drainage and Water Supply, the project is the largest municipal earth-moving project of the time.

Simple essay water

The project was proposed and designed by William Mulholland, an immigrant from Ireland who taught himself geology, hydraulics, and mathematics and worked his way up from a ditch tender on the Los Angeles River to become the superintendent of the Los Angeles Water Department.

Activated sludge process In Birmingham, England, chemists experiment with the biosolids in sewage sludge by bubbling air through wastewater and then letting the mixture settle; once solids had settled out, the water was purified. Sewerage Practice, Volume I: Design of Sewers, which declares that working for "the best interests of the public health" is the key professional obligation of sanitary engineers.

The book becomes a standard reference in the field for decades. The mile-long aqueduct joins the Old Croton Aqueduct system and brings mountain water from west of the Hudson River to the water distribution system of Manhattan. Flowing at a speed of 4 feet per second, it delivers million gallons of water daily.

Enslow of the Maryland Department of Health in Baltimore develop a rigorous scientific formula for the chlorination of urban water supplies.

In Jersey City Water Works, New Jersey, became the first facility to chlorinate, using sodium hypochlorite, but there was uncertainty as to the amount of chlorine to add and no regulation of standards.

To determine the correct dose, Wolman and Enslow analyze the bacteria, acidity, and factors related to taste and purity. Wolman overcomes strong opposition to convince local governments that adding the correct amounts of otherwise poisonous chemicals to the water supply is beneficial—and crucial—to public health.

By the s chlorination and filtration of public water supplies eliminates waterborne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, hepatitis A, and dysentery.

The formula is still used today by water treatment plants around the world. Hardy Cross method Hardy Cross, civil and structural engineer and educator, develops a method for the analysis and design of water flow in simple pipe distribution systems, ensuring consistent water pressure.

Cross employs the same principles for the water system problem that he devised for the "Hardy Cross method" of structural analysis, a technique that enables engineers—without benefit of computers—to make the thousands of mathematical calculations necessary to distribute loads and moments in building complex structures such as multi-bent highway bridges and multistory buildings.

Five years in construction, the dam ends destructive flooding in the lower canyon; provides water for irrigation and municipal water supplies for Nevada, Arizona, and California; and generates electricity for Las Vegas and most of Southern California.

Simple essay water

Water for the system is impounded in three upstate reservoir systems, including 19 reservoirs and three controlled lakes with a total storage capacity of approximately billion gallons. Approximately 95 percent of the total water supply is delivered by gravity with about 5 percent pumped to maintain the desired pressure.

As a result, operating costs are relatively insensitive to fluctuations in the cost of power. First hard rock tunnel-boring machine built Mining engineer James S. Robbins builds the first hard rock tunnel-boring machine TBM. Robbins discovers that if a sharp-edged metal wheel is pressed on a rock surface with the correct amount of pressure, the rock shatters.

If the wheel, or an array of wheels, continually rolls around on the rock and the pressure is constant, the machine digs deeper with each turn.

Today, TBMs are used to excavate circular cross-section tunnels through a wide variety of geology, from soils to hard rock.In the early s a simple glass of water could quench your thirst—or kill you. The safe drinking water that much of the world takes for granted today did not exist, and deadly waterborne diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever, and .

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