Small bussnes ganha

What are the best business ideas and investment opportunities in Ghana for entrepreneurs and investors? Well, i advice you read on to find out. Ghana is one of the countries with the fastest growing economy in Africa. Now you may want to know the potentials and fundamentals of doing business in Ghana.

Small bussnes ganha

There are many types of businesses one can think of, from import and export to sale of mobile phones and offering professional services.

But while all businesses do fetch some profit, there are some that are more profitable than others. Such businesses do not even bother about economic crisis; they continue making more money even as the cedi falls against the dollar.

These are ventures anyone would consider in Ghana. Take a look below for more 10 Most Profitable Businesses in Ghana 1. Most importantly, you run no risk of loss in a cosmetics business as no matter what you offer, the ladies will buy.

Technology accessories These days, anyone who sells accessories for mobile phones, computers, laptops, printers, photocopiers and the likes is raking in billions of cedis. With major advancements in technology in the country, more and more people either own or use these gadgets on a daily basis.

In fact, children aged as little as 10 years own mobile phones while the majority of students own computers, and they all need accessories. Any aspiring entrepreneur would surely consider venturing into this kind of business.

Virtually everyone involved in this business is making it big, including distributors and those running small pubs or joints as they are popularly known as in Ghana. Think of Agya Appiah, Kasapreko and the likes.

The sales of tooth pastes, shaving sticks, diapers, toilet rolls, sanitary towels, wipers, etc have skyrocketed as these items have become a major necessity among Ghanaians.

Small Business in Ghana - List of Small Business

This industry offers a big opportunity to make millions! Jewelry Although Ghana boasts of gold deposits, jewelries are extremely expensive in the country and those who ventured in the business are unsurprisingly making it big.

In addition, there has been a notable influx of estate developers, two factors that have made this field one of the most profitable businesses in Ghana. Building a house requires things like cement, tiles, glasses, iron rods, louvers, plumbing materials, paints and so on. Pharmaceuticals Another profitable business in Ghana is the pharmaceuticals.

Beauty salons Nowadays beauty salons in Ghana have been upgraded to include bridal decorations, wedding decors, gown renting etc, and the price of these things are not that cheap.

Herbal medicine Overtime, most Ghanaians have accepted the potency and effectiveness of herbal medicine, and the efforts of the government in carrying out research about the field have only helped to make it more popular.

Everyone needs food to survive, so you can be sure of getting zero losses and high profit. Even those operating small joints are getting some good profit!There are many businesses in Ghana, namely educational institutions, hospitals, wholesalers and retailers, import and exports and others big or small, that have no websites or blogs.

Small Business in Ghana. List of Best Small Business in Ghana with Addresses, Phone numbers, Reviews, Photos and More on Ghana Business Directory. Blash Security Doors is a new company in Ghana with the sole purpose of building steel doors for homes and offices.

We started in June and have established contacts in Turkey, China and Ghana.

Small bussnes ganha

Let us do business in Ghana. We learn about the best business ideas in Ghana. Ghana is blessed with lots of resources. Take a chance and prosper.

List of Profitable Business Ideas To Venture in Ghana

Let us do business in Ghana. We learn about the best business ideas in Ghana.

Prerequisites for Doing Business in Ghana Print This There are several types of Ghanaians living abroad. There is the type who has little or no education but decides to go abroad to hustle and find a job to do.
Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Ghana Saviour Sanders on March 25, 6 Comments We had to do a lot of research to come up with this list of profitable business ideas in Ghana. Prerequisites for Doing Business in Ghana Before you begin to go full time into business, there are certain disciplines you should train yourself with.

Ghana is blessed with lots of resources. Take a chance and prosper. Small Bussnes Ganha Tourism accommodation business owners indicated factors such as maintaining lifestyle, being their own bosses, capitalizing on a business opportunity, generation of retirement income influence the decision to own/operate a small tourism accommodation businesses.

Small bussnes ganha
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