South park cartman finds love review ign

Plot[ edit ] When the boys learn that a black girl named Nicole has transferred to the school and joined the cheerleading team, Cartman assumes that she will pair up with Tokenthe only black boy in their school. But when Token demurs at this, Cartman assumes that he is shy and decides to play matchmaker. However, after he overhears her tell the other girls that she has a crush on KyleCartman tells her that he and Kyle are a gay couple, a lie that spreads to the other girls. He then arranges for Token and Nicole to get locked in the boy's locker room overnight so they can develop a relationship, a ploy that is successful.

South park cartman finds love review ign

This storyline mainly riffed on the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal, with Chip obviously filling in for Weinstein himself and Randy and the others playing the part of the many Hollywood figures trying to distance themselves from him in the last couple weeks.

The idea being the only thing that separates a true monster from a simple hedonistic pleasure seeker is power and the willingness to abuse it.

If nothing else, it might help this one stand the test of time better than some of the more topical humor-driven episodes of recent years. This episode also gave us the first major appearance from President Garrison this season.

South park cartman finds love review ign

But that was sort of the point of his appearance here. He misses the good old days as a member of the witch club, and this episode offered him a brief chance to relive old glories.

On the other hand, he really is the architect of his own misery. He deserves to suffer. That dark side has returned this year and was on full display as Cartman played the witch situation to his advantage. And that fueled what was by far the best scene of the episode, as Cartman dealt with a bout of victim blaming at the police station.

Honestly, that scene satirized the whole Weinstein situation better and more efficiently than the witch storyline. The Verdict South Park continues to establish a winning formula this season, focusing on more standalone storylines that still pull from current headlines in clever ways.

Great South Park delivered a fun Halloween episode this week as witches invaded the town."Raising the Bar" is the ninth episode of the sixteenth season of the American animated satire South Park, and the nd episode of the series overall.

It premiered on Comedy Central in the United States on October 3, and is rated TV-MA L. Dec 05,  · The final chapter of South Park's Black Friday trilogy was easily the best Season 17 episode we've seen thus far.

Here's why. Nov 14,  · By Max Nicholson. With this latest season of South Park, creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have shown that they are fully up to the task of cranking out new episodes on a weekly Max Nicholson.

South Park: "Cartman Finds Love" Review - IGN Apr 26, · South Park: "Cartman Finds Love" Review Never joke around about the Batmobile, you guys. by Max Nicholson. Raising the Bar (South Park. Jump to navigation Jump to search "Raising the Bar" South Park episode when Cartman learns that the first episode has already aired and was beaten in the ratings by Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Max Nicholson of IGN gave the episode an / Nov 06,  · This week's South Park exposed the truth behind freemium games and microtransactions -- but did it pay off?

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