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Statics tutor

Statistics Tutors near University of Arkansas

Whether you would like help understanding a course concept, want to find a study group, or simply just need a quiet place to study, ACE would like to help you meet your academic goals. During the school year, ACE had 39, visits! If you are planning a visit, the center is quietest earlier in the mornings and busiest in the evenings.

How do I use ACE tutoring? There is no reason to make an appointment. Once you get here, the Statics tutor desk staff will direct you to your tutor. Come as often as you would like, be sure to bring your textbook, notes, and any other tools you might need.

Small Group Tutoring can be requested for our most popular courses. Three to five students from the same course and who have similar schedules will be matched together for weekly 50 minute study sessions with a tutor in a private study room.

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Although this is a commitment, students who stick with the groups for the duration of the semester usually find themselves with an improved grade and a new group of friends. Online Tutoring is also provided for students who are not able to come into ACE during normal business hours or if there is limited tutor availability for their course.

For all tutoring services, please remember that the goal of the session is for you to learn the material and not for the tutors to give you the answers. This is considered academic dishonesty on both ends.

Learning material takes time, so be prepared to work and the tutor will help you as much as they can!

Statics tutor

Who are the Tutors? Tutors who are hired through ACE must have at least a 3. Almost all tutors are undergraduates who have recently taken the class; therefore, students may feel as if they are simply working with a friend. Because of this, ACE tutors must complete more than 10 hours of training and professional development in their first few months of hire.

What types of study spaces does ACE have? ACE has a variety of study environments, and we want you to find one that works best for your personal needs and preferences! There are individual, double, and group study rooms. Some of the group rooms have computer sharing capabilities, making group project preparation a breeze.

A dark study room helps minimize distractions. A kinesthetic study room allows students to sit on exercise balls and stand at white boards while studying.Engineering Mechanics - Statics - Vol. 1 6 Hour Course.

In this course, we begin to focus on Engineering Statics, where we solve force systems in static equilibrium.

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