Tanglewood specific ksaos

Tanglewood Case Study Case description Tanglewood is a general retail store chain which specializes in many items including appliances, electronics, clothing and home decor. The target customers are the middle and upper income individuals in the society. The company strives to give its customers quality, value and durability for all aspects of their lives. This report tackles the strategic staffing decisions of Tanglewood in two broad sections which are staffing levels and quality.

Tanglewood specific ksaos

Integrate information from a variety of sources to make a final selection decision based on several decision criteria. Determine who should be involved in selection decision making.

Develop guidelines for selection decision making that can be used throughout the Tanglewood chain. Case Objectives While there are numerous staffing decisions that involve investigating the outcomes for large groups of employees, the many of the most important decisions involve only one position and a small number of applicants.

Solved: Write a custom essay on the given topic tanglewood stores, Strategic Management Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Tanglewood Case Essay Sample Based on the case, Tanglewood is in need of entry level positions due to the turnover rate the company experiences.
Tanglewood Case - rutadeltambor.com The target customers are the middle and upper income individuals in the society. The company strives to give its customers quality, value and durability for all aspects of their lives.
Determine who should be involved-selection decision making You will be concentrating on staffing quantity and staffing quality strategies for Tanglewood. To begin this case study assignment, refer to Exhibit 1.
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SOLUTION: Staffing and Selection Case Study - Business - Studypool Excerpt from Term Paper:

The current case examines just such a case for a particularly important location for Tanglewood. You will read through a series of resumes, look over reports made during interviews, and investigate the results of several standardized measures of employee suitability.

This case thus integrates information from several earlier cases that have involved making an appropriate choice of measures, but now applying it with a specific group of individuals. From these multiple pieces of data, you will develop a recommendation for hiring.

You also will develop guidelines for how similar selection decisions could be made for the entire organization. The situation of interest You Tanglewood specific ksaos been asked by Tanglewood to assist them with an important hiring decision.

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The company needs a new manager for their flagship store in Spokane. This position is important for a number of reasons.

First, this is the single largest store in the chain, with approximately double the floor space of other locations. The Spokane store has shown very strong revenues for years.

Tanglewood specific ksaos

This store also has important symbolic value. This store is only a few blocks from the first Tanglewood store. Recent remodeling efforts have also made this one of the most elaborate stores in terms of appearance, with features like an open kitchen restaurant where all the food is prepared and served using Burford Kitchen maters, an outdoor adventure area with a rock wall and a live kayak simulator, and quarterly demonstrations of the latest clothing options that will be presented in other stores.

Nearly all managers will spend at least sometime working in the Spokane store as part of their initial training. Finally, the store is commonly used as a first testing ground for new products.

It is an ideal location for this option, because it is one of the most representative locations. Because it is on the outer edge of Spokane, many customers are from suburban areas, but because of its size and unique features, urban and rural customers who make the trip to the store as well.

This means that this store is closely aligned with the corporate marketing function, and good managers must understand how to do marketing and promotions from the bottom up.

The applicants Because this is such an important position, Marilyn Anchley arranged to have all candidates complete the full battery of proposed selection tools. The importance of this position also has lead the stores to conduct a closed recruiting operation. Only twenty individuals were contacted as potential sources.

The internal candidates were contacted through referrals made by regional managers, whereas the external candidates were based on nominations from individuals in the corporate offices.

This information is all available in the attached Tables in the Appendix. Future practice There are several questions the company has about its future hiring practices for store managers as well.

It is clear that there will be a substantial revision to the collection of information from applicants based on your recommendations from Case 3. This does not completely resolve the problem of how a final selection decision will be made.Specific KSAOs would be more applicable for any promotions/upper level positions.

One of. Tanglewood’s current philosophy has allowed them to stay competitive and be a leader in the rutadeltambor.comic or General KSAOs – As mentioned. the typical store associate has a 5/5(1). MGMT Tanglewood Case Study 6 1. Develop a detailed selection plan for this position. In this case, you should determine what you want to measure by analyzing KSAOs from the job description and the information on organizational culture in the case, and fitting the selection measures into the plan format as shown in Exhibit in the book.

Tanglewood is a chain of general retail stores featuring items such as clothing, appliances, electronics, and home decor. The company operates in the moderate price niche, targeting middle- and upper-income customers. Tanglewood’s strategic distinction is an “outdoors” theme, with a large camping and outdoor living section in every store.5/5(2).

These are from the 7th ed. of the Tanglewood rutadeltambor.com These are from the 7th ed. of the Tanglewood Casebook. For each division use the data tables provided in Appendix B to estimate how each method fares in terms of yields and costs.

Specific or General KSAOs General KSAOs. Train or teach what is expected. Develop these skills Having a general overview of the KSAOs Tanglewood is looking for will permit additional training to develop these attributes.

If the KSAOs are specific then the placement will also be specific%(8). Tanglewood Stores - Case One – Week 2 HR Strategic Staffing. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.

To: Donald Penchiala, Director of Staffing Services * Specific or General KSAOs * Exceptional or Acceptable Workforce Quality * Active or Passive Diversity.


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