The environmental turmoil

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The environmental turmoil

Army soldiers intercept illegal timber as it is smuggled The environmental turmoil the Narang Valley the Kunar Province into neighboring Pakistan. Much of the population depends on forests for firewood and the revenue generated by export of pistachios and almondswhich grow in natural woodlands in the central and northern regions.

During the conflicts of the past few decades, residents and the militias such as the Northern Alliance have used wood for fuel, and these militia forces have cleared trees which could have provided hiding places for ambushes from their opponents.

The environmental turmoil

Further, the use of the woodlands for grazing ground and the collection of nuts for export apparently prevent new pistachio trees from growing. Although the logging is illegal, profits from exporting the timber to neighboring Pakistan are very high.

The reason for this is that Pakistani government has its forests tightly protected so the timber mafia are busy cutting down trees in Afghanistan instead. The timber makes its way not only to Peshawar but also to IslamabadRawalpindiand Lahorewhere most of it is used to make expensive furnitures.

As forest cover decrease, the land becomes less and less productive, threatening the livelihood of the rural population and the floods are washing the agricultural lands and destroying the houses. Loss of vegetation also creates a higher risk of floods, which not only endanger the people, but cause soil erosion and decrease the amount of land available for agriculture.

To tackle this problem, the Afghan government and agencies from a number of NATO states have teamed up over the past several years to turn Afghanistan green again by planting new trees. InAfghanistan and the Wildlife Conservation Society began a three-year project to protect wildlife and habitats along the Wakhan Corridor and Central Plateau regions.Bird of Prey THE ISSUE The Team SCREENINGS THE Film.

The Philippine Eagle is a bird of extremes. But today, with a rapidly expanding human population facing serious political, economic, and environmental turmoil, the eagle’s plight has fallen out of public consciousness. Despair, Courage, & Hope in an Age of Environmental Turmoil This may be the most psychologically trying time in all of human history.

Posted Nov 09, Environmental Justice is a movement responding, in part, to this history as it attempts to address laws and policies that, on their face, appear neutral, but in practice disproportionately affect communities of color by exposing them to environmental hazards. The Trump administration’s decision not to renew the membership of half the scientists serving on the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) member Board of Scientific Counselors (BOSC) has .

The environmental turmoil

The Top Environmental Firms and economic and political turmoil elsewhere,did not curb spending on environmental needspushed by global demographic trends and natural events. With the Increase in U.S. trade with Mexico and more businesses locating their facilities around Mexico, understanding of Mexican environmental law is crucial.

The Environmental Turmoil