The goddess of love aphrodite essay

See Article History Alternative Titles: Pandemos, Urania Aphrodite, ancient Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty, identified with Venus by the Romans.

The goddess of love aphrodite essay

The Greeks felt that gods should be able to go about their daily lives just as humans do, except they would be in charge of certain aspects of life, with superhuman abilities, and of course, immortality.

Aphrodite was chosen as the goddess of love and is believed to embody all things that deal with love, desire, beauty, fertility, and the sea. Some also believe that she is the goddess of vegetation. As most Greek gods do, she has a Roman version of herself, which we know as Venus.

There have been many temples built in her honor. Through the years, she has become the symbol of love and beauty, so much so, that her name today, is often synonymous with eroticism. One legend has it that the goddess of love is actually the daughter of Uranus—well, kind of. According to mythology, Uranus was a very evil man, and was mean to his children and wife.

His wife teamed up with their son Cronus aka Kronus who decided to send his father, Uranus, out of heaven. In the process, Uranus castrated Cronus and threw his penis into the sea.

When it hit the sea, so did much of Cronus' blood. The blood began to foam as it transformed into a beautiful woman.

The goddess of love aphrodite essay

The sea nymphs became enamored by the beauty and dressed her in the most magnificent garments made of gold and flowers. As the lady formed, she became known as Aphrodite. It is in this description where she got her Greek name.

There are very few depictions of Aphrodite where she is not naked. She was believed to be a red head, so here is one depiction that is not indecent for hubpages standards. Source The Greek Goddess Aphrodite is not only seen as the goddess of love, but she also embodies a very unique personality.

Although she is seen as gentle and pure, she is viewed as fierce and—well—whorish for lack of a better description. She is unpredictable and complex, but most of all she is very beautiful. Although do not confuse the love she is to represent as the kind we should all strive for.

She was definitely not the goddess of marital love that endures forever. No, she represents the animal kind of love or rather lust. The kind that fills you with passion, but is temporal.

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The kind of love where you might do something stupid to get someone's attention or do risky behavior for. Her First Husband It is believed that Aphrodite had many lovers as any true goddess of love would be expected to havebut she only married twice. Her first marriage was to the ugly god of fire named Haphaestus who was crippled by his mother, Hera.

Haphaestus resented his mother for crippling him, and tricked her so that she became imprisoned by a golden throne. Zeus promised the hand of Aphrodite to whoever could release Hera from her prison.

Aphrodite convinced Ares to try, for she was madly in love with him. Unfortunately for her, he was unable to. Since Haphaestus was the one who trapped Hera in the first place, he was able to free her.

Therefore, Aphrodite became married to him. There are two alternate versions to how she became married to the ugliest of gods. The first one was a result of the gods fear that her brilliant beauty would cause jealousy among the gods. Therefore, to compensate for her magnitude of beauty she was forced to marry Haphaestus, who was considered deformed and ugly.

The alternate is that Zeus was punishing her for her arrogance, forcing the two to get married.

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Regardless of which version, it is clear that she did not love Haphaestus. She often cheated on him with mortals and god alike, but the one god she had the most passionate affair with was the god of war, Ares. It makes sense, since they both represent passion, but to different extremes.

Often the idea of love and war has fascinated many, since they seem like opposites, yet very similar in passion and cause. Some of the myths state that she not only had a love affair with Ares, but actually was able to marry him after she divorced her first husband.

He is supposedly her one true love, despite her multiple affairs.Aphrodite is an ancient Greek goddess associated with love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation.

She is identified with the planet Venus, which is named after the Roman goddess Venus, with whom Aphrodite was extensively syncretized. Aphrodite and Hephaestus Aphrodite is one of the most famous figures of Greek mythology. BecauseAphrodite was the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexual rapture,1 she was desired bynearly all of the Greek gods.

Aphrodite Greek Goddess of Love The word myth derives from the Greek mythos, which has a range of meanings from "word," through "saying" and "story," to "fiction"; the unquestioned validity of mythos can be contrasted with logos, the word whose validity or truth can be argued and demonstrated.

Aphrodite The Greek Goddess Aphrodite is known as the Goddess of beauty, love, and pleasure. Aphrodite is equivalent to the Roman form Venus. She is a major goddess that was known to be youthful and the most appealing. Briana O’Brien Final Research Project ENG Aphrodite: Goddess of love In Greek mythology, each god or goddess has a unique affinity.

For example, Athena is the Goddess of war, Poseidon is the God of the sea, and Aphrodite is a famous goddess known for representing beauty, love, and fertility. Aphrodite was a well-known Greek goddess who ruled over love, desire and beauty.

She was physically stunning but also wore a magic girdle that made everyone fall in love with her.

To the Greeks, she represented affection, sex and all types of attraction.

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