The opportunities people face in the rollercoaster of life

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Top 5 trade deals that changed history A revolution is always earth-shattering for any nation. Major socio-political changes occur and they are followed by years of unrest.

Egypt had two revolutions in the space of a few years, yet the resilience of the Egyptians and the Egyptian economy has been unprecedented.

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Egyptian Steel was established just six months before the first revolution and, seven years later, is now one of the largest building materials companies in Egypt and the region. We were able to grow and flourish during this difficult period, and are not the only success story to emerge from these turbulent years.

The country has definitely had its struggles, but I believe we are bouncing back much faster and stronger than other nations that have gone through similar circumstances. Steel demand The demand for steel is always high, especially in Egypt and other African nations where there are fast-growing populations and a desperate need for new infrastructure.

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The demand for steel is always high in nations with fast-growing populations where there is a desperate need for infrastructure That said, providing energy and electricity for heavy industries such as steel and cement still remains a challenge for the sector.

Fortunately, our government has been working on numerous projects to provide enough power to boost the industrial sector. The cost of raw materials required for production is also a challenge.

Steel and other heavy industries are typically some of the strongest sources of GDP for any country. As such, I believe governments should be willing to protect their national industry by imposing anti-dumping tariffs and customs on imported steel.

Indeed, this procedure is not limited to countries like Egypt: However, in Africa generally and in Egypt specifically, we face a different set of problems than those faced in developed countries, where there is usually an overproduction of steel.

We are still building our continent, so there is always an appetite for steel.

The opportunities people face in the rollercoaster of life

With more than 60 percent of the population aged under 30, we are a youthful nation and, aided by the increased development of vocational centres, our workforce is energetic, educated and skilled.

Egypt also benefits from its strategic location overlooking the Red Sea, the Mediterranean and the River Nile. I believe all of these factors make Egypt a unique investment opportunity.

Since the second revolution, the government has been particularly keen to attract foreign investors with the introduction of new investment laws to create an even more attractive environment for investing. Moreover, the necessary decision to float the Egyptian pound has made the capital for investing in Egypt more affordable for investors.

Indeed, the establishment of joint ventures and investments into already established Egyptian companies is an ideal scenario for foreign investors who want to minimise their risk.

Our group is developing a world-class business model and corporate governance structure. We do not settle for anything other than outstanding quality, and we aim to compete globally.

This quality is embodied by our plants, suppliers, workforce and final products.Few people have the time or patience to listen or understand, and usually keep their world to themselves and put me and my world into rutadeltambor.comas box, a trash bin or minimally, at a distance. Dec 09,  · We love spending time together as a family and our goal is to make as many people as Please subscribe to our channel and we promise .

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The opportunities people face in the rollercoaster of life

Life yaga Reabetswe. likes. This diary is about a girl who grew up in a very unstable home. this diary will keep you entertained and hungry for the. Through all the ups and downs in the rollercoaster called life, there are many opportunities that people face.

More often than not, life is an optimistic object. In Mark Jacobson’s “65” he writes, “I began to look upon my venerability not as a state preferable only to death but rather as an.

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