There is no hope for a

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There is no hope for a

Friday, October 19, Can I be honest for a minute here? Homeschool is kicking my butt. As in, constant chaos, and half the time I don't even know what day it is. All 3 of us having ADHD doesn't make it easy.

Some days, it's sort of like the blind leading the blind. Or more accurately "The easily distracted leading the more easily distracted.

But whew - the juggling of schoolwork and fieldtrips and client deliverables and work for Sisters by Heart, not to mention all the regular stuff of life and regular physical therapy to hopefully avoid back surgery for me - it's a lot!

And most days, I don't quite have a handle on it. Huge props to my fellow full-time working mamas - I don't know you do it all! But we're getting there. Bit by bit, we're figuring out how to live in our house allllll the time without making it look like it's lived in alllllll the time.

And we're figuring out how to have fun while learning. I wouldn't say we've hit our groove quite yet, but I do feel like maybe I can see the groove right around the corner.

So that's progress, right? But that is all to say, I meant to post this update a few weeks ago, but well, everything, got in the way!

So, I'm doing it from 10, feet in the air, en route to a cardiology conference in Chicago. Bodie had appointments with his cardiologist and electrophysiologist in early October, and the results were better than we could have imagined.

His heart function has improved! I mean, let's not kid ourselves - it's not like normal function good, or even "normal for his half a heart before he went into heart failure good' - but better.

A little bit better. His BNP measure of inflammation from heart failure dropped all the way to 9 which is actually low for a healthy person, if you can believe it! As his doctor told Bodie "your heart isn't dangerously sick anymore.

In fact, it has improved enough that his doctor dropped his middle of the day diuretics dose, leaving him with only needing medications 3 times a day!!! On the rhythm side, we discovered that Bodie has been in atrial flutter pretty much since April.

As far as we know, his ventricle was NOT going that fast, just his atrium. The reason we didn't catch it sooner is that he presented atypically.

Think of flutter like a broken record - the heart is caught in a loop, on the same track. So you'll hear that track, but not the rest of the record.


But Bodie's variations were significantly more than that, going much lower and much higher. So we didn't realize it was flutter.

There is no hope for a

The good news is that his doctor was able to identify what it was and pace him out of it! Here is the BEST news though. What we know about Bodie is that his body doesn't tolerate arrhythmias for long periods.

But when it lasts day in and day out with no break, we start to see behavior changes - he gets very easily frustrated with ANYTHING that doesn't go his way as in, a zero frustration tolerancevery emotional, angry, very "triggery".

Which makes sense, considering he's basically been on a constant adrenaline rush - none of us like that feeling. Well, he has been like that for months. And complaining off and on that he "felt yucky.

Looking back, I am realizing I really noticed it starting last spring probably April-ish - not so much of a coincidencewhen he started complaining about how hard school was for him.

Prior to that, he had been an excellent student. I talked regularly with his teachers, and we all decided that things just get harder in the latter part of 2nd grade, as more independent work is expected of the kids - and that was why he was struggling.

And it totally seemed plausible.No Hope quotes - 1. Faith is the cure that heals all troubles. Without faith there is no hope and no love.

Faith comes before hope, and before . Cryonics (from Greek κρύος kryos meaning 'cold') is the low-temperature preservation (usually at − °C) of a human corpse, with the hope that resuscitation and restoration to life and full health may be possible in the future. Cryopreservation of humans is not reversible with present technology; cryonicists hope that medical advances will someday allow cryopreserved bodies to be revived.

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