Thirteen reasons why analysis

Misogynistic language, discussions of sexual assault.

Thirteen reasons why analysis

Jay Asher Booklist Jay Asher Message Thirteen reasons why analysis Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Thirteen Reasons Why A high school student is struggling to deal with the recent suicide of a fellow student he was in love with when he receives a set of tapes that supposedly explain the reasons behind his suicide and he is surprised and afraid to learn that he is one of the reasons behind her suicide.

High school student Clay Jensen is at the post office mailing a package. He is disheveled and exhausted and suffering from a raging headache and his cold cup of coffee doesn't help.

On his way to school, he muses how he dreads going to school because he doesn't want to see Hannah Baker's empty desk in class nor does he want to run into Mr. Porter, the school psychiatrist now that he knows what he does about the man. Thus begins 13 Reasons Why.

Only one day earlier, Clay had been excited to receive a mysterious package on his doorstep. The package not only had no return address but contained a series of tapes. A bit confused as to why someone would send him video tapes but curious as to what might be on them he uses his dad's old cassette player to listen to the tapes.

He plays the first tape and is shocked to hear the voice of Hannah Baker, a student who had committed suicide by swallowing pills only two weeks earlier. On the tape Hannah explains that there are two rules: The tapes list the thirteen reasons why Hannah Baker killed herself and every person on the list was someone who had something to do with it.

Click here to see the rest of this review The first reason is Justin Foley. Hannah had a crush on Justin and had agreed to meet him in the park one night. All she had wanted to do was kiss the guy that she had a crush on and she does kiss him, but then the next day at school Justin ignores her.

Thirteen reasons why analysis

That day, he spreads a rumor around school that he and Hannah did much more than kiss. Being that she is new and doesn't have any friends to back her up, the rumor spreads like wildfire and the students believe the story over Hannah's word.

Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Thirteen Reasons Why

Reason number 2 is Alex Standall. Alex makes a list of the best asses in school and put Hannah as number one in order to get back at his girlfriend Jessica, who he was fighting with at the time. As a result of this, the boys around school think Hannah is a slut and think it is okay to touch her without her permission and degrade her.

Reason number 3 is Jessica Davis. Jessica and Hannah were both new to the school and had hung out for only a short period of time before Jessica started dating Alex.

After the list came about, Jessica accused Hannah of stealing Alex away from her and then hits Hannah of the eye leaving a mark. Reason number 4 is Tyler Down, a peeping Tom who Hannah catches snapping pictures of her in her room, eliminating the only safe space Hannah has left since the students at school are hostile to her.

From then on she keeps her blinds closed and stops stargazing. Reason 5 is Courtney Crimson. Courtney is the girl who helped Hannah catch the peeping Tom and so Hannah believed Courtney was her friend. It turned out that Courtney was only using Hannah to drive her around and generally to fluff her own ego while talking badly about her behind her back.

Reason number 6 is Marcus Cooley, a popular jock and asks Hannah on a date. Hannah agrees, deciding to give him the benefit of the doubt, but during their date Marcus tries get sexual with Hannah and when Hannah pushes him away he verbally assaults her and calls her a tease. Reason number 7 is Mr.

During class, the students were encouraged to write an anonymous note about themselves and put it in a bag and then the class would discuss each note. Hannah's anonymous note read that she was contemplating suicide. Much to her despair the entire class agreed that the writer was probably just looking for attention and Mr.

Bradley passes out a pamphlet about what to do if someone is contemplating suicide.

Thirteen reasons why analysis

Reason 8 is a poem that Hannah published anonymously in the town's newspaper. The poem was a subtle cry for help as well as a release for her but several people spent a great deal of effort tearing the poem apart which just added insult to injury for Hannah.

Reason 9 is Clay himself. While Clay was not cruel and did not directly cause Hannah to commit suicide, she had always wished to get to know him better because she'd had a crush on him.

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Clay begins to cry at this point as he had a crush on Hannah but had been too afraid to talk to her. Reason number 10 is Justin Cooley again. Hannah reveals that she saw him rape a girl but had been unable to stop him and had suffered massive guilt from this.

Reason number 11 is Jenny Kurtz. Jenny was giving Hannah a ride home from a party when she hit a stop sign and knocked it down.Final Paper: Bullying in Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher Thirteen Reasons Why is a novel about a girl named Hannah Baker who ended her own life after being bullied by her friends at school.

She left 7 tape recordings with 13 different stories of why she killed herself. Ryan Shaver is the focus of Hannah’s tape in the 8th episode of 13 Reasons Why.

Before this point he appeared to be a secondary character with little significance to Hannah’s life but, as we soon find out, and like almost every other person on the tapes, he’s been a massive dick to Hannah.

Sociological Analysis: 13 Reasons Why Netflix's original series 13 Reasons Why is about a young girl named Hannah who committed suicide and left thirteen tapes, with thirteen reasons as . STEP 6: Porter’s Five Forces/ Strategic Analysis Of The 13 Reasons Why Story Case Study: To analyze the structure of a company and its corporate strategy, Porter’s five forces model is used.

In this model, five forces have been identified which play an important part in shaping the market and industry. Thirteen Reasons Why is the kind of novel that simply cannot be replicated. Unlike other tragic stories written about suicide and various types of bullying, the author, Jay Asher, takes an innovative approach in telling Hannah Baker’s story.

Analysis Interpretation of the news based on ‘13 Reasons Why’ depicts a graphic suicide. Experts say there’s a problem with that. “Thirteen Reasons Why.

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