Water the elixir of life

Therapeutic grade essential oils can be diffused or added to personal care products such as shampoo, lotion, liquid soaps, or roll on deodorants or cremes. A few are suitable for occasional internal use in very tiny quantities, such as a single drop in a glass of water. We offer a select number of shampoo and conditioner products as well as hair oils. Our goal is to provide safe and wholesome personal care products, but we admit a slight bias towards products with a cultural history such as those using black cumin oil and products based on Ayurvedic medical traditions.

Water the elixir of life

Cucumber Mint Four Distinct Flavours Fermentorium tonics are hand crafted without any artificial flavours or liquid sugars. Instead, real ingredients and time-honoured extraction techniques endow the tonics with full, natural flavours, and balance tart with the subtle sweetness of raw cane sugar.

The mixed pack contains 4 different tonics, designed to celebrate different nuances in your pairings or cocktails.

Water the elixir of life

From classic tart, to floral, citrus, and sweet, there is a non-fermented tonic to match whatever recipe you have up your sleeve. Orange peel, white grape juice, lime peel and quinine are lively carbonated balancing bright tartness with a hint of sweet.

Botanical Brew Tonic Pouring a delicate soft pink colour, the Botanical Brew Tonic is refreshingly floral and strikingly effervescent. Rose petals, hibiscus flowers, heather flowers, damiana and lavender are complimented by a subtle sweetness through the body that finishes dry.

Charge up your next cocktail with a little flower power. Slightly sweetened with raw cane sugar. Cucumber Mint Tonic During the crafting of this tonic, natural flavours are extracted by patiently steeping real cucumbers and mint in cold water.

Twist the cap, and cucumber aromatics dance from the bottle, leading to fresh cucumber flavours with a hint of mint, all wrapped in a body of soft sweetness that finishes slightly tart.Water – Elixir of Life.

What is Water? Water is that mysterious substance that is responsibly the main difference between a plant that can sustain life and one that cannot. Its unusual characteristics make it an enigma as it can be in all three states at the same time and in the same space that is a gas, a liquid and a solid.

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Also a noted. Water: the Elixir of Life Water cooperation was the theme of this year’s World Water Day. There is a higher need to access of water and security of water resources especially with the estimated population increase which suggests that by there will be 9 billion people in the world.

Aromatics Elixir is the oldest perfume from the house of Clinique, created in It’s classified as chypre-floral, following the steps of similar sharp and strong classics. The top, aromatic note is dominated by verbena, sage and chamomile, which give way to the sweet floral notes of geranium, rose and white flowers: ylang ylang, jasmine and tuberose.

So, unless you have been living under a rock, I’m sure you are all well aware that coconut water has been the ‘go-to’ for a super cool, wellness conscious, friendly drink. Replace a damaged vent lid instead of the entire vent assembly to save time, effort and money!

A story of the "Water of Life" appears in the Eastern versions of the Alexander romance, which describes Alexander the Great and his servant crossing the Land of Darkness to find the restorative spring.

The servant in that story is in turn derived from Middle Eastern legends of Al-Khidr, a sage who appears also in the Qur'an. Arabic and Aljamiado versions of the Alexander Romance were very.

Water the elixir of life
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