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What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time. John Berger I treat the photograph as a work of great complexity in which you can find drama. Add to that a careful composition of landscapes, live photography, the right music and interviews with people, and it becomes a style.

Writing a photography quote

Text and Image This exhibition is intended as a quick fifty year review of the practice of combining written text and image by artists who use photography.

Combining written text with images has a long history in art. William Blake, eighteenth century British poet, published books of his writing with his own illustrations and quickly learned that the synthesis evoked meanings beyond the power of words or pictures alone. Dadaists and Surrealists in early twentieth century Europe combined fragments of found text with appropriated photographic images to open alternative, sometimes irrational, paths of communication they felt were missing from straight art.

As a frustrated writer and friend of important writers like the poet Hart Crane, he purposefully explored both the formal and conceptual implications of placing text and image together.

First, the advertising signs and other extraneous words in his prints force awareness of the limitations of the photograph. The two-dimensionality of the text reestablishes that we are observing a flat field of limited information in spite of the seeming replication of visual perception.

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Second, since we know that the words are a code, we have an opportunity to transfer what we know about reading codes to the photographic image. Evans created complicated arenas in which our attention caroms from verbal to visual and back, making us aware that both are describers of and not substitutes for experience or knowledge.

They surround meaning like wolves running around sheep, eyeing but not reaching their prey. At this time an increasing number of artists began to consciously combine text with their imagery to widen the discourse of the critics.

As her title suggests, she was interested in theoretical issues concerning photography as a purveyor of truth, but she also was, and is, more concerned with the practical matter of distorting or ignoring social truths.

Placing words and images in the same perceptual space is not as easy as it looks. The artist has to keep track of four phenomena, not just the apparent two. First, the words have accepted, coded meanings and contexts that affect what we see in the adjacent images.

Second, the words invoke mental images that might also conflict with what we see. Third, images have meanings and contexts that may alter our engagement with the adjacent words.

Fourth, images can call up words in the mind of the viewer. By the late s and early s combining words and photographs had become a genre of art photography with wide and varied practice, ranging from simply writing on photographs to the first experiments with digital collaging of word and image.

This caused some of the work to be opaque to the general art consumer. Jim Goldberg solved this problem by inviting the subjects of his Rich and Poor series to write directly on the paper that contained their own image, a practice common in the non-art world since the introduction of the Kodak No.

Jeff Wolin invades, or perhaps violates, the photographic space by writing extensive commentary of his own over images of his family and other evidence of his life experience.

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The shock that we feel seeing his dense writing seems like clear evidence of our confidence in the power of the photograph to communicate by itself. Wolin is the other end of the spectrum from the publications of Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander, and Walker Evans, where the photographs are carefully isolated from any kind of caption.

Aware that his images reflect his partial view of this unbearably complex country, he gives up some of his control over the viewers imagination, and allows them, like him, the pleasure of being lost.

Aware of the loss of textual meaning in most of American culture, she pulls words from areas where they still have strength for better or worse—race and sex.

One complicating difference is that now the landscape is also full of photographic images. At this late date we are barely aware of the effects of this stream—fish have no need to wonder about water until it is gone.

In this piece the hands of the artist himself manipulate and distort our access to words he presumably needs us to hear. The image we see extends the meaning of his text, but it also creates a visual analog for the value of indirection and distraction in art.

In all these works the meaning in the text combines with the images to produce thoughts and feelings not generated by either alone. But we are also forced to confront our profoundly untested confidence in both text and image.Download this beautiful clip art quote by David Viscott for your scrapbook or wedding album “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” Aristotle (BC), Ancient Greek philosopher.

writing a photography quote

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